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Water Damage Restoration

Are you looking for restoration services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, or throughout Florida? Bullfrog Restoration Services knows that Standing water damage  may lead to Mold, Termite Infestation, and more. This can be a huge cost to your Florida business or home. If you have a flood or other water emergency its important to move fast because you may lose business during the repairs.

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Water Damage Restoration

If you have a flood or other water emergency its important to move fast because Bullfrog Restoration Services knows that Standing water damage and the conditions will lead to Mold, Termite Infestation, and more.

Fire and Smoke Restoration

Our specialized fire and smoke recovery team will give you personalized service no matter the scope of the damage. We are experienced in handling fire claims through your insurance company and equipped to help you and your family quickly get back to your feet.

Mold Removal

At Bullfrog Restoration we take our clients environment concerns seriously. We are available 24/7 so you can feel secure knowing that you have a team of bioremediation specialist are getting the job done correctly.

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Friendly, Responsive Service from Miami, FL & Beyond

When you call Bullfrog Restoration, you’ll always reach a live person, not an answering machine. Our damage recovery teams are on-call 24/7 to respond to your crisis as it happens. We want you to feel secure knowing that your situation will be handled quickly from a professional team that will always keep your best interest in mind. At Bullfrog Restoration, we proudly offer the following services to our residential, commercial and property management customers:

– Water damage restoration

– Fire/smoke damage restoration

– Bioremediation & mold removal

– Remodels & restorations (residential & property management)

– Renovations & up-fits (commercial)

– And much more

As a single mom, and having 3 kids in the house, I was really overwhelmed after I had a small Fire in our kitchen. Bullfrog Restoration came in and made me feel at ease with everything going on and restored my kitchen and fixed the smoke damage around the whole house. Thank you so much!


Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Miami / Coral Gables

I came back from vacation to find my house flooded due to a water heater tank leak. Thankfully, I found Bullfrog Restoration online and they seemed to have good reviews on the internet so i went with them. They did everything for me and handled everything with my insurance. Thank you


Water Damage Restoration Tampa, FL

Had an old house i was remodeling and we found the wall behind the kitchen had mold. They came out and removed all the mold and i was impress on how professional Luis was throughout the whole project. I will be using Bullfrog on future jobs and remodels.


Mold Removal Fort Lauderdale, FL

Arrived back from work to find my house flooded. A pipe burst in my kitchen and flooded the whole house. I was able to salvage most of my furniture and wood floors thanks to the restoration work done by Bullfrog. Thank you!

Julio and Natalia

Water Damage Restoration Miami

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